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      "No; I'll go and see him," said the General. "Where is he?"

      "When'll we see some rebels?" the boys asked."Ha, how you talk, Miss Jealousy," responded Susie. "How scared you are lest I cut you out. I've a great mind to do it, just to show you I kin. I'd like awfully to have a sweetheart down at the front, just to crow over the rest o' the girls. Here, you take the turner and let me carry that plate in."

      Dodd said nothing at all. After a few seconds his eyes slowly closed and he sat like a statue in the room.

      "As a hobby," Dodd said flatly.

      "Plants?" Albin hooted gigantically. "Good God, think about it! You're stuck on a planet that's over seventy per cent plant lifetrees and weeds and jungles all over the land and even mats of green stuff covering the oceans and riding on the riversa planet that's just about nothing but plants, a king-sized hothouse for every kind of leaf and blade and flower and fruit you could ever dream up"


      Awful Destruction. 242Cadnan frowned. "I do not understand," he said.


      He walked home over Boarzell, scarcely conscious of the ground he trod. He felt like a new-crowned king. As he looked round on the swart hummocks of the Moor, and its crest of firs, dim and bistred against the grey afternoon clouds, he found it hard to realise that it was not all his, that he still had almost the whole of it to fight for, acre by acre. He hurried towards his own little plot, bought, but as yet unconquered, still shagged with gorse and brittle with shards.