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      [356] Mmoire sur le Canada, 1736.[510] tat des Effets et Munitions de Guerre qui se sont trouvs au Fort Guillaume-Henri. There were six more guns in the entrenched camp.

      [146] Dinwiddie to Hanbury, 10 May, 1754.The first care of the victors was to provide defence and shelter for those of their number on whom the dangerous task was to fall of keeping what they had won. A stockade was planted around a cluster of traders' cabins and soldiers' huts, which Forbes named Pittsburg, in honor of the great minister. It was not till the next autumn that General Stanwix built, hard by, the regular fortified work called Fort Pitt. [666] Captain West, brother of Benjamin West, the painter, led a detachment of Pennsylvanians, with Indian 160

      [15] Registre de Conseil Suprieur, 1681.V2 operations of this scoundrel, accomplished with the help of Bigot, consisted in buying for six hundred thousand francs a quantity of stores belonging to the King, and then selling them back to him for one million four hundred thousand. [552] It was further shown on his trial that in 1759 he received 1,614,354 francs for stores furnished at the post of Miramichi, while the value of those actually furnished was but 889,544 francs; thus giving him a fraudulent profit of more than seven hundred and twenty-four thousand. [553] Cadet's chief resource was the falsification of accounts. The service of the King in Canada was fenced about by rigid formalities. When supplies were wanted at any of the military posts, the commandant made a requisition specifying their nature and quantity, while, before pay could be drawn for them, the King's storekeeper, the local commissary, and the inspector must set their names as vouchers to the list, and finally Bigot must sign it. [554] But precautions were useless where all were leagued to rob the King. It appeared on Cadet's trial that by gifts of wine, brandy, or money he had bribed the officers, both civil and military, at all the principal forts to attest the truth of accounts in which the supplies furnished by him were set at more than twice their true amount. Of the many frauds charged against him there was one peculiarly 26

      V1 not march, therefore we put an end to him, to prevent discovery." [460] They sank the vessels, which were laden with wine, brandy, and flour, hid their boats on the west shore, and returned on foot with their prisoners. [461]Pen would have liked to dispense with the car as well as its owner, but did not see how that was to be accomplished plausibly. At any rate she reflected, the chauffeur could not follow her into the stores. The main thing was to be rid of Riever. But she rejoiced too soon.

      [831] Knox, II. 295.

      On reaching the settlement the camp was formed and an entrenchment thrown up. Deserters had brought news that strong reinforcements were expected at Fort Duquesne, and friendly Indians repeatedly warned Washington that he would soon be attacked by overwhelming numbers. Forty Indians from the Ohio came to the camp, and several days were spent in councils with them; but they proved for the most part to be spies of the French. The Half-King stood fast by the English, and sent out three of his young warriors as scouts. Reports of attack thickened. Mackay and his men were sent for, and they 153


      [18] "M. le Gouverneur luy a rpondu qu'il avoit reconnu avec plaisir que la Compagnie (le Conseil) conservoit la considration qu'elle avoit pour son caractre et pour sa personne, et qu'elle pouvoit bien s'assurer qu'encore qu'elle luy eust fait des propositions au del de ce qu'elle auroit cru devoir faire pour sa reception au Conseil, il ne les auroit pas acceptes, l'honneur de la Compagnie luy estant d'autant plus considrable, qu'en estant le chef, il n'auroit rien voulu souffrir qui peust estre contraire sa dignit." Registre du Conseil Souverain, sance du 13 Mars, 1690. The affair had occupied the preceding sessions of 20 and 27 February and 6 March. The submission of the councillors did not prevent them from complaining to the minister. Champigny au Ministre, 10 Mai, 1691; Mmoire instructif sur le Canada, 1691.When Cloron de Bienville returned from the Ohio, he went, with a royal commission, sent him 77


      Pen bluntly interrupted him. "I wouldn't marry Mr. Riever if he was the last man on earth!"[569] Ibid., 29 Ao?t, 1759.


      In straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel, aristocratic Virginia was far outdone by democratic Pennsylvania. Hamilton, her governor, had laid before the Assembly a circular letter from the Earl of Holdernesse directing him, in common with other governors, to call on his province for means to repel any invasion which might be made "within the undoubted limits of His Majesty's dominion." [166] The Assembly of Pennsylvania was curiously unlike 166