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      "You think there's no harbor there?"

      Have you been looking for her? he asked, pacing up and down.

      Madame smiled her contempt: "Nevertheless you will risk all just to show Anna--"She sunk into a chair and covered her eyes with her hand. He stood for a moment motionless, then he went to her side, and looking down at her with pallid face, said, hoarsely and slowly, as if he were weighing every word:

      Norman moved impatiently.I am delighted that you dont dance, Miss Chetwynde, he said, and his voice had a penetrating tone which matched his eyes, because I dont dance myself, and we can sit out, and watch other people getting hot. Selfish, you think? We men are all selfish, you know.


      They drove on and presently came to the lake. It was a large piece of water surrounded by firs. A flock of ducks rose as they approached, and a heron sailed away above their heads. The place was weird-looking for all its prettiness, and Esmeralda gazed at it in silence, and with a creepy feeling.


      Why are you lying here? she asked. What is it? And she went up to him half fearfully and touched his arm.


      Do not be too confident, he said. Miss Chetwynde is I do not think you understand her, Selvaine.