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      When Norman looked from that face to the hole, something went thrilling warmly through all his veins.

      "In some small measure, yes. I can certify you that the medicine is good, because I have taken it; that the staff is strong, because I have leaned upon it; that the weapon is efficient, because I have fought with it. Allow me to hope that you do not need the certification."

      I think not, said Varley.

      Esmeralda laughed, and threw her hair from her forehead with a slight graceful jerk which was unconsciously maddening.

      And so, as has been said before, Bergan's exit from the court-room was a scene of triumph that might easily have turned an older head, and quickened the beating of a chiller heart.


      "I suppose you are aware," pursued Astra, "that the word 'sculptor' is a misnomer, nowadays. The real sculpturethat is the marble-cuttingexcept a few finishing touches, is done by artisans skilled in that work. The plaster casts are made by regular casters, from moulds taken from clay models. These last, only, are the work of the artist throughout,shaped by his fingers, and informed by his thought. See! here is the raw material of my work!"


      No one had a better proposal to make; the thing looked fair and square. They were accustomed to follow his lead."Nothing, at present," she replied, "except to let me keep my own, old corner in his heart. I only came to see Maumer Rue, if I may. We heard she was dying. So I begged hard to be allowed to come and tell her that I had not forgotten how kind she used to be to me, and to see if I could do anything for her. I fancied it would please her to see me, if she is still able to recognize me. Is she?"


      "Go! Yes, of course she will go," he said to himself as the last leaf fell. "Does it need ghost from the grave or rose from the garden to tell me that?"Well, you see, he said, slowly, you are growing up; you will marry some day